Roman Putin


Welcome to website of Roman Putin, an investment consultant.

The Russian market offers great opportunities to foreign investors.


Our economy has become more stable and open in recent years. Russia today has a balanced budget policy; its public debt is one of the lowest in the world. In terms of its gold and currency reserves, Russia is in third place after China and Japan. Improvement of the investment climate is under personal control of the President Vladimir Putin.


In Russia, there are enormous opportunities for investments, as well as transparent and profitable businesses. Few people are familiar with such opportunities, and those who know prefer to be silent, so as not to share this information with competitors. On the other hand, bureaucracy and corruption are still risks of working in Russia.


My mission is to provide maximum assistance in the attraction of foreign investments, therefore developing an efficient and understandable 'entry point' into Russia.


Our goal is to facilitate entrance into the Russian market, to minimize the transaction and administrative barriers, and to ensure complex business security.


Thanks to years of interaction with the state authorities, strong relationships with the country’s leadership, financial and law enforcement structures, we will provide you fruitful and secure conditions for investment projects.


It’s time to do business in Russia!